SLOs are appointed by Council to represent the interests of the AIOH in each State or Territory; and to liaise with Council on the views of members who reside in that State or Territory. This includes providing opportunities for the professional development of those members.
SLOs are the primary contact point for members, particularly for new and relocated members. SLOs also coordinate regular local networking and professional development activities such as State Chapter Meetings, site visits, seminars, and other presentations.

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Current Liaison Officers

Shelley Rowett

SLO - South Australia

Kate Gibbs

SLO - South Australia

Pamela Atkinson

SLO - Tasmania

Sally Horsnell

SLO - Northern Territory

Kirsty Bouskill

SLO - Western Australia

Gama Gamato

SLO - Queensland

Deborah Van Zanten

SLO - Queensland

Jodi Dawson

SLO - Queensland

Jagadish Roy


Simon Ercole

SLO - Victoria

Nicola Power


Kerry McDougall

SLO - Sydney NSW

John Tiong

SLO - Sydney NSW

Carmen Smith