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Air-Met Scientific Professional Award

The AirMet Scientific Award is a premier, professional award of the Australian Institute of Occupational Hygienists. It is sponsored by AirMet Scientific on an annual basis.

2015 Raelene Young 2014 Kerrie Burton
2013 Liam Wilson 2012 Sue McGurty
2011 Tracey Bence 2010 Jane Whitelaw
2009 Linda Apthorpe 2008 Kevin Hedges
2007 Caroling Langley 2006 Gerard Tiernan
2005 Julia Norris 2004 Yanel Lara
2003 Jennifer Hines 2002 Robert Golec
2001 Gary Rhyder

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Dräger Safety Pacific Young Hygienist Award

The Dräger Safety Pacific Young Hygienist Award is aimed at young hygienists and applicants must be less than 40 years of age, working full time as an occupational hygienist and a financial full or provisional member of the AIOH.

2015 Perdita Dickson 2014 Mitchell Thompson
2013 Kate Cole 2012 Mark Solomons
2011 Simon Worland 2010 Melanie Jensen
2009 Nathan Redfern 2008 Sally Jones
2007 Kelly Hey (Sutherland) 2006 Kerrie Burton
2005 Samantha Clarke 2004 Stephen Turner
2003 Lisa Keenan 2002 Brett Young
2001 Karen Witchell 2000 Lisa Kelley
1999 Jaemie Wilson 1998 Not awarded
1997 Paul Yeung

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AES Post Graduate Scholarship Award

The Active Environmental Solutions Scholarship provides generous support for AIOH members to develop their academic credentials in occupational hygiene. The aim is to develop the academic standing of members of the Australian Institute of Occupational Hygienists Inc. through postgraduate study in the contemporary academic system.

2015 Jane Whitelaw 2014 Vanessa Bannatyne
2013 Holly Fletcher

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Industrial Scientific AIOH Conference Package Award

Sponsored by Industrial Scientific Australia Pty Ltd the AIOH Conference Package Award is designed to facilitate the attendance at the annual AIOH Conference of a "deserving" member of the Institute.

2015 Candace Buff 2014 Anne Kelly

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DuPont Leadership and Management Skills Award

This award provides registration costs for the one day duration 'Leadership and Teamwork' Continuing Education Seminar (CES) run on the Sunday prior to the AIOH Annual Conference.


Michelle Wakelam

Amy Morris

Kerrin Alamango

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Ignite - Scott Safety

2015 Brooke Best 2014 Alex Wilson

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3M Best Paper Award

The 3M Best Paper Award is given to the paper judged by the awards and sponsorship committee to be the best occupational hygiene paper submitted for the annual AIOH conference.

2015 Kerrin Alamango 2014
2013 2012 Ross DiCorleto & Ian Firth
2011 David Grantham 2010 Jimmy Hu, Ana Milosavljevic, John Tran & Greg O'Donnell
2009 Anita Aiezza 2008
2007 Kerri-Ann Jessep 2006 Dr Geza Benke
2005 Dr Jacques Oosthuizen 2004 Darren Joubert
2003 Linda Apthorpe 2002 Michelle Wakelam & Paul Barton
2001 Errol Conroy 2000 Not Awarded
1999 Brian Davies 1998 Linda Apthorpe, Gary Foster & Megan Smith
1997 Ross DiCorleto 1996 Gary Foster, Cheryl Murdock, Linda Apthorpe & John Mandryke
1995 Gary Foster, Cheryl Murdock & Robert Geyer 1994 Graham Saunders, Alan Rogers, Brian Davies & Alan Conaty
1993 Not awarded 1992 Michael Weller
1991 Philip Turner 1990 Peter Kirton
1989 Dino Pisaniello 1988 Martin Jennings
1987 Laurie Glossop

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MSA Post Graduate Scholarship Award

2011 John Snooks 2010 Gillian Felton
2009 Carolyn Topping 2008 Mark Solomons
2007 Brett Young 2006 Andrew Gaggiano
2005 Shelley Rowett 2004 Paul Gerber
2003 Raelene Young 2002 Sarah Thornton
2001 Peter Simmonds 2000 Not Awarded
1999 Richard Connolly 1998 Shelley Rowett
1997 Deborah Glass 1996 Kevin Hedges
1995 Greg Oldfield 1994 Roy Schmid
1993 Catherine Nolan 1992 Jane Farrell & Rex Archer
1991 Not Awarded 1990 Not Awarded
1989 Geza Benke 1988 Malcolm McInnes

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AIOH Deakin Book Prize

1999 Michael Rowe 1997 Darren Taylor
1995 Siew Yong Tai 1994 Ron Connor
1993 Paul Barton 1992 Brendan Biviano
1991 Richard Morgan 1991 Malcolm McInnes

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App-Tek Award (2001 to 2009)

Thermo Fisher Scientific Award (2010 to 2011)

2011 Conny Gissel 2010 Sharyn Gaskin
2009 Carolyn Topping 2008 Craig Tayler
2007 Ryan Kathage 2006 Melanie Cox
2005 Adam Hiscox 2004 Richard Crafter
2003 Jack Farry 2002 Kerry McDougall & Jen Hines
2001 Trini McLean

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Dalloz Award

2000 Jillian Wright 1999 Not Awarded
1998 Robert Geyer 1997 Geza Benke
1996 Mike Rowe 1995 Georgia Sinclair
1994 Paul Yeung 1993 Barry Chesson
1992 Martin Jennings 1991 Richard Barton
1990 Paul Jones 1989 Dino Pisaniello
1988 Pamela Woerfel

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Racal Award

1997 Lisa Cattarin 1996 Megan Tranter
1995 Tracy Long 1994 Michael Boyle

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Thermo Fisher Scientific / Honeywell Analytics Associate Member Award


Paul Paciullo

Naree Carton

2014 Geoffrey Smith

Carmen Smith

Dylan Walker


Troy Jones

Kerrin Alamango

Corinne McConnell