Professional Development Awards

Awards include travel and professional side visits to the AIHA and BOHS Conferences, the AIOH Conference and funding towards education.

Please note applications close the 1st week of September each year. Only financial members of the AIOH are eligible to apply.

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Air-Met Scientific Professional Award

The AirMet Scientific Award is a premier, professional award of the Australian Institute of Occupational Hygienists. It is sponsored by AirMet Scientific on an annual basis.

The award provides a selected applicant with the opportunity for professional development through attendance at the American Industrial Hygiene Conference and Exposition (AIHCE) and an invitation to travel, post-AIHCE, to SKC Inc in Pennsylvania.

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Drager Young Hygienist Award

The Drager Safety Pacific Young Hygienist Award is aimed at young hygienists and applicants must be less than 40 years of age, working full time as an occupational hygienist and a financial full or provisional member of the AIOH.

It comprises travel to the BOHS Conference in the UK and Drager's research & development facility in Germany.

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AES Post Graduate Scholarship Award

The Active Environmental Solutions Scholarship provides generous support for AIOH members to develop their academic credentials in occupational hygiene. The aim is to develop the academic standing of members of the Australian Institute of Occupational Hygienists Inc. through postgraduate study in the contemporary academic system. .

The scholarship will provide for attendance at an AIOH accredited post-graduate course majoring in occupational hygiene, or at an Australian based academic postgraduate course where the subject matter studied is principally occupational hygiene.

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Industrial Scientific AIOH Conference Package Award

Sponsored by Industrial Scientific Australia Pty Ltd the AIOH Conference Package Award is designed to facilitate the attendance at the annual AIOH Conference of a "deserving" member of the Institute. The award includes travel and accommodation.

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AIOH - DuPont | Leadership and Management Skills Award

Get ahead of the pack by being one of only three winners of this generous new Award sponsored by DuPont Australia. This award provides registration costs for the one day duration 'Leadership and Teamwork' Continuing Education Seminar (CES) run on the Sunday prior to the AIOH Annual Conference. The Award includes one nights accommodation, breakfast and an evening meal

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Scott Safety

The AIOH CANARY and Ignite

Sponsored by Scott Safety The CANARY aims to bring the best out of our members by gathering ideas on the topic of, "What is Occupational Hygiene" or "What does an Occupational Hygienist do?" or "What can an occupational hygienist do for your workers and the company's bottom line?"

The AIOH CANARY is all about Communicating Awareness - a New Approach Representing us on YouTube. It involves creating a short video (less than 5-minutes) that helps answer these questions. The video might be entirely video footage, or it might be a cartoon, a narrated series of photographs or drawings – the possibilities are endless!

IGNITE allows members to share their passion for various areas of Occupational Hygiene. Both the CANARY and IGNITE are added to the AIOH website.

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3M Best Paper Award

The 3M Best Paper Award is given to the paper judged by the awards and sponsorship committee to be the best occupational hygiene paper submitted for the annual AIOH conference.

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AIOH Pam de Silva Award

TThe Institute also offers its very own award to current or past members of the AIOH who have demonstrated commitment to the principles of leadership and scientific integrity in the field of occupational hygiene.

This award known as the Pam de Silva Medal was established to commemorate the leadership and scientific integrity in the field of occupational hygiene by Pamela Elizabeth de Silva (March 11, 1930 - May 1, 1997).

For further information or to nominate a member, contact the AIOH Administration office.

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