Accredited Courses

AIOH currently has three accredited courses delivering Masters programs in Occupational Hygiene as follows:

Previous accredited course include:

  • University of Wollongong: Master of Science (Occupational Hygiene Practice)
  • Deakin University: Graduate Diploma of Occupational Hygiene

If you are a graduate from one of these courses further advice should be obtained from AIOH about its accreditation status.

Other qualifications may also be considered acceptable to the AIOH Council for Full or Provisional membership, but will be critically evaluated on a case by case basis, particularly if the applicant has no other tertiary qualifications. The applicant must also demonstrate professional level knowledge and skills through their reports and, for Full membership, through their interview. Further information can be obtained here.

Before commencing your membership application, it is strongly recommended that you review the Frequently Asked Questions to ensure all documentation required is submitted.

If you are a university seeking accreditation, please contact the AIOH Administration Office for the application and process document.