Occupational Hygiene Training Association

The Occupational Hygiene Training Association (OHTA) was formed to promote better standards of occupational hygiene practice throughout the world. The OHTA develops training materials which are made freely available for use by students and training providers. The OHTA promotes an international qualifications framework so that all hygienists are trained to a consistent, high standard, recogniszed in all participating countries.

The AIOH is an active member of the OHTA and is committed to the development and implementation of the OHTA international training and qualifications framework. The AIOH encourages, promotes and supports the use of OHTA modules and qualifications in Australia and Asia/Pacific. Accredited standalone courses such as the AIOH Basic Principles of Occupational Hygiene course and other OHTA courses provide alternative education options for our members.

Further information on the OHTA is available here.