We are excited to partner with RED OHMS Group for delivery of the W501 - Measurement of Hazardous Substances course. RED OHMS Group will start running this course in July 2022.

The first W501 course will be run in Perth from 18 - 22 July 2022.  It is an instructor led in-person as well as online for interstate and remote attendees. The course will be run again in Brisbane just before the AIOH Annual conference. Additional courses will be added as demand increases.

Do you perform occupational hygiene monitoring but had limited formal training ? The W501 course is an important foundation training course to build your professional knowledge of occupational hygiene sampling.

This course has been designed and is delivered by Certified Occupational Hygienist instructors to improve your skills and knowledge. The outcomes include:

  • describing the general approach to health risk assessment, including the role of atmospheric monitoring;
  • selecting the appropriate equipment to measure specific airborne contaminants;
  • devising suitable sampling strategies; and
  • presenting the results for health risk assessment purposes to comply with relevant legislation.

The syllabus has been structured to cover seven sections:

  • risk assessment;
  • air sampling theory and practice;
  • air sampling equipment;
  • sample analysis;
  • occupational hygiene standards;
  • biological monitoring; and
  • calculation, interpretation and presentation of results.