What is Certification?

Achieving the designation of Certified Occupational Hygienist (COH) recognises that you practice in a professionally competent, independent and ethical manner, and shows you are a leader in your field.

COH is the highest level of professional occupational hygiene expertise recognised by the AIOH and international agencies. Certification is an internationally recognised badge of competence, benchmarked with standards applicable in other parts of the world.

The reward for becoming a COH is the personal satisfaction of knowing you have achieved the highest standard in Australia and you are recognised for your knowledge and experience by professional peers in occupational hygiene.

Members who achieve this status are entitled to use the post-nominals COH. COHs have completed relevant tertiary studies and been working in the field of occupational hygiene or one of its specialist branches for more than five years in a professional capacity. COHs have demonstrated to the Council that they have achieved a satisfactory level of professional knowledge and competence through successful completion of an oral examination. They also make an ongoing commitment to excellence and maintaining their professional currency through ongoing professional development.

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