Committees and Working Groups

Various Committees and Working Parties provide advice and input to Council. The AIOH is fortunate to have many members who volunteer their time to work on various committees and working groups. Council recognises and appreciates their involvement. Members are encouraged to actively participate and urged get involved by serving on committees and working groups at various stages of their career. The current committees and working groups are listed below. Members are encouraged to contact the Chair for further information or to volunteer their services.

Membership and Qualifications (M&Q)

Chair Michael Shepherd
Members Yanel Lara, Wayne Powys, Gavin Irving, Tracey Bence, Dustin Bennett, Michael Weller
Purpose To review membership applications; qualifications, reports and work history, and recommend appropriate membership category to Council for their approval and, to develop programs to increase membership.

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Chair Sharyn Gaskin
Members Michael Weller, Brett Young, Sharyn Gaskin, Janine McClements, Holly Fletcher
Purpose To publish quarterly issues of the AIOH Newsletter, “OH Matters”. The Newsletter reports on State Chapter activities and provides information about issues of interest to AIOH members including an update from the AIOH President, profiles of AIOH members, information about AIOH events, and articles about science, technology and health. The Newsletter Committee welcomes contributions from AIOH members. If you would like to contribute, please contact the committee Chair.

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Exposure Standards

Chair Ian Firth
Members Linda Apthorpe, David Hughes, Ron Capil, Alan Rogers, Charles Steer, Kevin Hedges, Rob Golec, Tim White, Greg O’Donnell

To provide expert guidance and comment to the exposure standards setting process at a State and National level and internationally where appropriate, through development of AIOH Position Papers, AIOH guidance publications or comment on relevant Standards, Regulations and Codes of Practice. The Committee's remit is to confirm that exposure standards, and relevant Standards and Codes of Practice, are changed for valid occupational hygiene and scientific reasons.

As scientific advances are made, and further information becomes available, there is a need to review existing workplace exposure standards. The Exposure Standards Committee plays a vital role by preparing Position Papers and Guidance documents for use by occupational hygienists in Australia.

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Certification Board

Chair Russell Bond
Members Linda Apthorpe, Deb Glass, Sharann Johnson, Julia Norris, Gerard Tiernan

To evaluate applications for Certification and assess conferences, seminars and other professional activities for certification maintenance points.

The Certification Board performs the following activities:

  • Evaluates applications for Certification to determine whether a candidate will be accepted to sit the oral examination;
  • Sets and runs the oral examination in accordance with the Oral examination procedure;
  • Assesses conferences, seminars, and courses for certification maintenance (CM) points;
  • Assesses other professional activities for certification maintenance points;
  • Assesses certification maintenance activities in accordance with the guidelines in the document Categories for accruing certification maintenance points;
  • Evaluates certification maintenance reports and recommends to Council whether certification status has been maintained;
  • Audits a selection of certification maintenance reports; and
  • Audits examination panels and submit the audit report to Council.

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Ethics and Constitution

Chair Brian Eva
Members Clive Paige, Michael Tkaczuk, David Chambers, Melanie Jensen, Jeremy Trotman, Terry Elms, Owen Bruhn
Purpose The Ethics and Constitution Committee review the by-laws and code of ethics of the Institute. Whilst this committee is not an enforcement group or resolution board, it aims to serve the Membership by bringing to its attention ethical dilemmas facing the Institute, and can serve as a sounding board for challenges facing the profession. The Ethics and Constitution Committee is responsible for ensuring that the AIOH Code of Ethics is kept up to date in line with IOHA requirements and national and international trends. It also ensures that the AIOH Rules and Statement of Purpose meet with the requirements of the Victorian Associations Incorporation Act and comply with any requirements of Consumer Affairs Victoria.

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Professional Development & Education

Purpose To advise Council on matters relating to the education of its members. To develop further education for members and to review academic and professional development courses for membership to the AIOH. This includes the approval of courses for associated membership and the accreditation of academic courses for relevant membership grades and COH.

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Chair Perdita Dickson
Members Holly Fletcher, Sharyn Gaskin, MIchael Weller, Brett Young, Janine McClements, Kristy Thornton, Brooke Best

The Communications Committee establishes and maintains standardised systems of work that support the AIOH Council to engage key stakeholders and promote public knowledge of the occupational hygiene profession to both the public and to members of the AIOH.

The objectives of the Communications Committee include:

  • Supporting the AIOH Council to achieve its objectives, detailed in the annual AIOH business plan;
  • Ensuring the standardised and consistent application of communication methods for purposes of promoting the AIOH and the occupational hygiene profession both in Australia and internationally;
  • Ensuring the AIOH serves as a respected source of knowledge and authority for matters relating to occupational health and hygiene; and
  • Providing a service of value to the members of the AIOH.

The Communications Committee are involved in producing the Ignite session at the Annual Conference; running the AIOH Canary Prize; assisting with production of Webinars, and in consultation with the AIOH Council and Administration team, are the working bees behind developing and updating what you view on this website.

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Risk, Audit, Finance, Quality (RAFQ)

Chair Jeremy Trotman
Members Brian Eva, Yanel Lara, Kerrie Doherty (AIOH Business Manager)

The role of the Risk, Audit, Finance, Quality (RAFQ) Committee is to assist the Council to fulfil governance requirements and oversee the AIOH responsibilities related to financial reporting, internal document and procedure management control systems, operating business and financial risk management system quality and audit functions. RAFQ provides an independent, informed and expert function to oversee, monitor and report to the Council on AIOH's exposure to various business risks.

The work of the Committee is to fulfil the following objectives:

  • Improve the credibility and objectivity of the accountability process and financial reporting to Council and the Membership;
  • Provide a forum for communication of relevant issues between the Executive, Council and management and administration;
  • Ensure a rigorous risk management process is in place at all levels of AIOH activity;
  • Ensure a system for evaluating, reviewing and implementing policies and procedures to support robust financial and opera¬tional management; and
  • Improve the effectiveness of the financial audit functions.

The duties and responsibilities of the RAFQ Committee are to:

  • Provide direction for governance and compliance requirements;
  • Regularly review AIOH’s financial and non-financial risk management practices such as proper insurance coverage, IT systems and human resource systems;
  • Ensure that the organisational funds are spent appropriately;
  • Ensure the preparation of quarterly financial statements; and
  • Approve the annual budget and submit to the full Council for approval.

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Awards and Sponsorship

Chair Alan Rogers
Members Charles Steer, Gary Rhyder, Simon Worland, Melanie Jensen, and the current AIOH President
Purpose The Awards and Sponsorship Committee is responsible for advising Council on matters of sponsorship and awards to members. It role is to obtain suitable, technically responsible and ethical sponsorship to ensure the success of the technical and business activities of the AIOH. The committee working with the Executive Director is also responsible for promoting, advertising, judging and making recommendations to Council for the AIOH Awards each year. It is expected to liaise with existing and potential sponsors. The Chair also works with the Conference Committee so as to negotiate with major sponsors for the Annual Conference. The Committee also reviews any additional sponsorship and has input into presentations and speeches at sponsored events.

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