Occupational Hygienists


  • What does an Occupational Hygienist do?

    Occupational hygienists work across a wide range of industries, such as mining, manufacturing, construction, health services, government, defence and academia. Although the industries where they work, and the hazards they encounter may vary, their passion and common mission is to safeguard the health of Australian workers.

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  • How do you become an Occupational Hygienist?

    Occupational hygiene practitioners come from varied backgrounds. They may be chemists, engineers, doctors, nurses and other professionals all of whom have chosen to apply their skills to protecting the health of workers.

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  • Engaging the Services of an Occupational Hygienist

    Protecting the health of people at work is a responsible vocation. Omissions, mistakes and errors can have serious consequences. Occupational hygiene is a specialised discipline, and the AIOH has rigorous requirements when using the term, “occupational hygienist”.

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