Position Papers

The AIOH is not a standards setting body. Through its Position Papers, the AIOH seeks to provide relevant information on substances of interest where there is uncertainty about existing Australian workplace exposure standards (WES). This is done through a review of the existing published, peer reviewed scientific literature. The Position Papers attempt to recommend a health‐based exposure value that can be measured; that is, it is technically feasible to assess workplace exposures against the derived WES. It does not consider economic or engineering. As far as reasonably possible, the AIOH formulates a recommendation on the level of exposure that the typical worker can experience without adverse health effects.

Any recommended exposure value should not be viewed as a fine line between safe and unsafe exposures. They also do not represent quantitative estimates of risk at different exposure levels or by different routes of exposure. Any recommended exposure value should be used as a guideline by professionals trained in the practice of occupational hygiene to assist in the control of health hazards.

The following AIOH Position Papers have been published to date: