What's that cloud? Dangers of diesel exhaust fumes for business

This webinar was produced by AIOH members to support the 2015 Safe Work Australia’s Virtual Seminar Series. This webinar provides practical guidance on how to assess if diesel exhaust may be a health risk in the workplace, and then how to measure diesel particulate both in the workplace and engine raw exhaust using a best practice method. Guidance is provided on how to interpret and use results for the benefit of the business and the health of the worker.

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Practical challenges of workplace health and safety for small business - with a focus on occupational noise

Did you know that there are simple practical steps you can take to control occupational noise and reduce the risk of noise-induced hearing loss? Hearing loss through noise injury is painless, permanent, and progressive, but most importantly, it is preventable.

This webinar was produced by two of our members (Kate Cole and Kristy Thornton) on behalf of the AIOH to support Safe Work Australia’s Virtual Seminar Series in October 2014.

The webinar presents some practical tips to help small business with examples used from readily available guidance to help identify the hazards, eliminate these where possible, or control the hazards to help manage the risk.

This presentation was aimed at small business owners; however anyone with an interest in how to manage occupational noise will find this useful.

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