The Certification Board invites all eligible Full & Fellow members to apply for the upcoming COH exams. COH exams will be offered as follows (exact dates and venues to be confirmed):

All prospective COH applicants will be required to be physically present at the venue to undertake their exam.

Closing date for applications*:
Brisbane: NOW CLOSED
You must complete the application form AND make payment to secure your place.

Scheduled COH Exams 2023

March - Sydney

June - Brisbane

September - Perth

December - Melbourne

For those who have already submitted an expression of interest, you are not required to submit another form, however places are strictly limited - and you have to pay the fee in full to secure your spot.

If you are unable to attend any listed states or months to participate in the COH exams, you can select the state that is preferred and we will contact you once dates have been set.
*subject to change, COH Exams EOIs forms may reopen based on numbers