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Our database lists members who are consultants with an AIOH professional grades of either Fellow (FAIOH), Full (MAIOH) or Provisional membership.
Fellow and Full members can sit a further examination to become a Certified Occupational Hygienist (COH), an internationally recognised accreditation that signifies a high level of professional competence and experience.

Please note: AIOH Staff are not able to provide any additional information on AIOH member/s other than what is provided in the FIND AN OCCUPATIONAL HYGIENE CONSULTANT website search ('the search'). The inclusion of AIOH Member/s within the search does not mean that they are endorsed in any way by the AIOH. The AIOH accepts no responsibility for any representations, expressed or implied, as made by AIOH Member/s as part of the search, or for the quality or accuracy of advice given or work undertaken by such AIOH Member/s.