Fee Structure

The AIOH membership renewal fees and COH fees are due 90 days after receiving invoice.

In order to maintain your AIOH membership you must be in good standing, which includes paying your fees by the due date.

A once off joining fee applies to all membership grades (pricing based on  membership tire level)

Please note: (1). There is a joining fee for new members which is added to the membership fee in the first year (please see Other Fees below); (2). A late fee will be applicable for all members who pay after the due date.

The following fees are for the 2024/2025 Financial Year  (ex GST).



Full Membership

Annual Fee: $260

Associate Membership

Annual Fee: $180

Other Fees

New Membership Fee
(once off for Full & Provisional): $110
(once off for PT Student or Associate): $35

Late Fee: $115

Provisional Membership

Annual Fee: $235


Part Time Annual Fee: $95

Full Time Annual Fee $0

Proof of Study required

Honorary Fellow

Annual Fee: $0

Fellow Membership

Annual Fee: $260

COH Certification

Annual Fee: $270
Exam Fee: $400

Retired Membership

Annual Fee: $0