Whether you are an emerging professional seeking to develop your skills in occupational hygiene; are a member of the AIOH and looking to graduate through membership ranks; or are a seasoned, long standing AIOH member looking for a different mentoring relationship or to give back to the profession, then the Mentoring Program may be just what you need.

How you can benefit

Every member of the Institute, regardless of age or career stage can benefit from the Program. It offers participants the opportunity to develop professional skills and networks, and develop a professional pathway to enhance career prospects.

Program participants will enjoy developing their:

Technical skills

Hazard identification and risk management over a wide range of occupational hygiene areas.

Professional knowledge

Design and implementation of exposure assessment surveys and strategies; and subsequent use and interpretation of data to design and evaluate practical and effective control measures.

Problem appreciation / solving / critical thinking & the ability to analyse information

An ability to identify a problem; evaluate the risk; recommend control solutions and consider complications; ability to prioritise, draw out information and adapt to change.


Establish and maintain a position aligned with the AIOH Code of Ethics; and primary focus on worker health.

Professional judgement

Understanding the relevance of particular information and the ability to use that information effectively; knowledge and understanding of the impact of decisions; the limitations of a particular approach; the impact of a change, and the rationale for change.

Oral & written communication

Logical, persuasive, clear, concise and confident communication that demonstrates clarity of thought.

Program Alignment

The aim of the AIOH Mentoring Program is to develop the professional capabilities of our members and it directly aligns with two of the key objectives of the AIOH: To promote the profession of Occupational Hygiene; and to improve the practice of Occupational Hygiene and the knowledge, competence and standing of its practitioners.


Expand your professional networks in specialist areas.

Interested in participating?

Become a Mentee

If you are looking at developing your professional pathway as a career Occupational Hygienist, and would like to apply to participate in the Mentoring Program.

Apply as a Mentee

Become a Mentor

If you are looking at ways of offering your expertise and knowledge back to the profession and able to dedicate your time to mentor a fellow Institute member.

Apply as a Mentor

  • I was delighted when you offered to spend some time with me, share your knowledge, point out my areas for improvement, offer guidance and generally steer me in a better direction…

    AIOH Mentee
  • I am very grateful to you for acting as one of my most influential mentors….

    AIOH Mentee
  • At times I was unsure if I was providing adequate learning and development but as the process progressed we slowly built our relationship and the long term results were outstanding….

    AIOH Mentor