Welcome to The Emerging Hygienist Group! The EHG is a space for hygienists to network, knowledge share and explore the pathways to becoming a COH. We encourage members to use this space to post and share about all things occupational hygiene. Stay tuned for networking and information sessions

Want to keep up to date with research but don’t have the time to read everything?


Come to the EHG Journal Club we read and share research to make learning more efficient and fun!


“What do I need to do?”

1. Find a journal article. Something new and innovative, or a classic you love!
2. Read it well.
3. Prepare a summary (3-5 mins)
4. Have the paper’s reference ready.

Your summary can be in any form you like. Ideally it will provide a non-technical overview of the findings (remember, not everyone shares your area of expertise) and intriguing enough to get people to read the original paper.

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The AIOH has developed a Career Development Pathway program to assist members and aspiring occupational hygienists progress through their career.

The AIOH Career Pathway for Occupational Hygienists has therefore been developed to:

  • Provide a clear outline of the typical career stages of Occupational Hygienists for those entering and/or progressing in the profession.
  • Assist the AIOH with the planning and development of professional resources tailored for, and aligned to the various levels of the career pathway.
  • Promote the attainment of professional recognition such as post graduate degree qualifications and Certified Occupational Hygienist (COH)® status.


This video provides a comprehensive presentation on the Career Development Pathway: AIOH Career Development Pathway Program  

Check out the AIOH Education page for details on courses, and resources to help your career.