Committees, Boards & Working Groups

Various Committees and Working Groups provide advice and input to Council and the high level operations of the AIOH.
The AIOH is fortunate to have many members who volunteer their time to work on various committees and working groups.
The Council recognises and appreciates their involvement.
Be Part of It

Members are encouraged to actively participate and urged get involved by serving on Committees and Working Groups at various stages of their career.

Contact the Chair for information about becoming involved.

Awards & Sponsorship Committee

Chair:  Melanie Windust

Members: Alan Rogers, Brett Young, Carmen Naylor,  Mitchell Thompson, Samantha Clarke and Kate Cole (as current AIOH President).

Purpose: To advise Council on matters relating to awards and sponsorships; liaise with all sponsors, prepare agreements and ensure smooth running of activities between sponsors and AIOH; liaise with the Conference Committee to ensure consistency across sponsorship areas and agreements; liaise with AIOH Office to send out notifications of awards to members, acceptance of nominations; and process awards in a confidential and timely manner, review award applicants and make recommendations to Council.

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Certification Board

Board Chair: Adelle Liebenberg

Board members:  Morne De Beer,  Jennifer Hines, Gavin Wellings, Naree Carton and Linda Apthorpe.

Purpose of the board: To evaluate applications for Certification and assess conferences, seminars and other professional activities for certification maintenance points.  The Certification Board performs the following activities:

  • Evaluates applications for Certification to determine whether a candidate will be accepted to sit the oral examination;
  • Sets and runs the oral examination in accordance with the Oral examination procedure;
  • Assesses conferences, seminars, and courses for certification maintenance (CM) points;
  • Assesses other professional activities for certification maintenance points;
  • Assesses certification maintenance activities in accordance with the guidelines in the document Categories for accruing certification maintenance points;
  • Evaluates certification maintenance reports and recommends to Council whether certification status has been maintained;
  • Audits a selection of certification maintenance reports; and
  • Audits examination panels and submit the audit report to Council.

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Communications & Marketing Committee

Committee Chairs: Ash Boss and Kelly Jaunzems

Committee members: Kate Cole and Frances Evans

Purpose of the committee / Mission statement:  To promote and support the Institute and members through the various communications media.

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Ethics & Constitution Committee

Chair: David Chambers

Committee Members: Clive Paige, Michael Tkaczuk, Jeremy Trotman, Terry Elms, Mark Russell, Elaine Lindars, Samatha Clarke and Heidi Scott.

Purpose: To provide advice and guidance to the AIOH Executive Committee and the AIOH membership on ethical matters that arise within or affecting the Institute.

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External Affairs Committee

Chair: Kate Cole

Committee Members: Tracey Bence, Deborah Glass, Sharann Johnson, Peter Knott, Dino Pisaniello and Shelley Rowett.

Purpose: The role of the External Affairs Committee:

  • Identify emerging issues of occupational health importance through maintaining the necessary networks of media, government, industry and organisational contacts.
  • Identify opportunities for the AIOH to contribute to the development of guidelines, standards, information and legislation associated with occupational hazards and provide guidance to council on how to engage with these processes.
  • Report back to council through the president, on issues or opportunities that have been identified and require action.
  • Develop relevant information and communication strategies in response to external affairs issues that arise, to facilitate a rapid and coordinated response on behalf of the AIOH.
  • In conjunction with the current AIOH president, assist in delivering targeted external communications as the need arises.

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Membership & Qualifications (M&Q) Committee

Committee Chair: Michael Shepherd

Committee Members: , Michael Weller (NSW), Nathan Redfern (NSW), Peter Knott (NSW), Andy McCarthy (SA), Jwalit Parik (SA), Giovani Sessarego (WA), Alan Williams (TAS) , Mitchell Thompson (NSW), and John Padgham (QLD)

Purpose of the Committee: Ensuring the review of Full Member and Provisional Member applications is consistently performed in accordance with the AIOH Rules and Statement of Purpose.

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Mentoring Committee

Chair: Jason Green

Committee Members: Samantha Forster (QLD), Brett Young and Luke Ripper (NT/SA/NZ), Anthony Bamford and Daniela Cisternas (WA), Simon Ercole and Milan Patel (VIC, TAS), Jason Green and Dean Gleeson (NSW/ACT).

Purpose: Identify and match mentors and mentees within AIOH

Purpose: Track existing pairs and provide support and encouragement.  Agree on and document process for annual review for mentors. Prepare case studies for newsletters as publicity/encouragement. Prepare material for mentors to help with candidates with COH success.

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Professional Development & Education (PD&E) Committee

Chair: Noel Tresider

Committee Members: Kelly Johnstone, Sue Reed, Ken Osakwe, Jane Whitelaw, Adelle Liebenberg, Rob Alcock, Luke Dunk, Carolyn Topping, and Sharann Johnson

Purpose: To assist the AIOH Executive and Council in meeting the needs of its members and the broader community of occupational hygiene professionals for education and continuing professional development.

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Committee Chairs: Mark Reggers

Committee members: Melanie Cox, Kerrie Burton, Julie Norris, Peter McGarry, Julie Moore  Heidi Scott, Sebastian Rasche and Jane Whitelaw .

Purpose of the committee / Mission statement: The RESP-FIT Board will provide oversight and administration of the RESP-FIT program for the accreditation of respirator fit-testers and approval of courses, with assistance from a team of RESP-FIT examiners and assessors.

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Strategic Risk Advisory Committee

Chair: Treasurer, Aleks Todorovic

Members: Treasurer Aleks Todorovic, President-Elect Tracey Bence, Carol Burns, Ruairi Ward, Fouad Rizk

Purpose: To provide independent, informed and expert recommendations to the Executive and Council on AIOH’s exposure to business risks.

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Workplace Exposure Assessment Committee

Committee Chair: Robert Golec

Committee members:  Ian Firth, Linda Apthorpe, Nathan Aust, Greg O’Donnell, Alan Rogers, Stephen Turner, Louise Burt, Lee Cherry, Zachary du Preez, Tim White and Geza Benke.

Purpose of the committee / Mission statement:  The Workplace Exposure Assessment Committee provides expert guidance and comment to the exposure standards setting process at a State and National level and internationally where appropriate, through development of AIOH Position Papers, AIOH guidance publications or comment on relevant Standards, Regulations and Codes of Practice.  The Committee's remit is to confirm that the revision of exposure standards, and other relevant Standards and Codes of Practice, are valid and based on good occupational hygiene and scientific principles. The Committee is also concerned with the integrity of the exposure assessment process whereby sampling results for airborne contaminants are compared against exposure standards.


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