Basic Thermal Risk Assessment

Basic Thermal Risk Assessment – Apparent Temperature

Download the template tool as a PDF document or Excel Spreadsheet.Basic Thermal Risk Assessment

Thermal Risk App

The Basic Thermal Risk Assessment is a first level qualitative risk assessment tool that does not require specific technical skills in its administration, application or interpretation. It's designed to be used by employers, employees or technicians to provide guidance and also as a training tool to illustrate the many factors that impact heat stress and working in hot environments.

WES Shift Adjustment Tool

The Workplace Exposure Standards (WES) Shift Adjustment Tool is based on 8 hour shift exposures. However, many workplaces in Australia use a variety of extended work hours and shift rosters. Consequently, the WES value needs to be adjusted and there are a number of ways this can be performed depending on a variety of parameters eg: chronic vs acute health effects.

The AIOH have developed the WES Shift Adjustment Tool which has been based on the well accepted technical information currently available. The WES Tool was last updated in September 2020 with RCS WES.

The papers which give you the basis for the AIOH WES Shift Adjustment Tool are attached below.

WES Adjustment Tool, Firth & Drolet, AIOH Conference (2013).

Development of a Tool for Adjustment of WES for Contaminants due to Extended Work Shifts, Firth and Drolet, J of Health and Safety, Research and Practice (p7, Sept 2014).