Where were we when.. Black Lung Re-Surfaced, Silicosis Re-emerged

Presenter(s): Panel Discussion, 2019 AIOH Conference

Panel Discussion: Where were we when.. Black Lung Re-Surfaced, Silicosis re-emerged. How do we prevent the next Occupational Disease from repeating?

In keeping with The Power of Many AIOH 2019 theme, we bring a selection of conference speakers from various disciplines to the stage to respond to this challenging question. The intent of our packed program has been to deliver value for each and every delegate – to inform, develop, create conversations and think beyond what we do, to how that will continue to contribute to better worker health outcomes. But where to from here? … and what can we do differently if we reflect on these lessons from our not-so-recent past?

Our diverse group of panellists draw from their own background and experience – in media, branding, communications, occupational medicine and occupational hygiene – to examine how we prevent the next occupational disease from repeating.

Posted on 19/06/2021

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