The Toxicology of Solvents

Presenter(s): Dr Martyn Cross,  Senior Lecturer, Edith Cowen University, WA

Dr Martyn Cross,  Senior Lecturer, Edith Cowen University, WA

Martyn’s expertise and skills span many aspects of occupational health and safety, with 40+ years, in a variety of industries, including mining , chemical, oil & gas as well as a government regulator for Occupational Hygienist for WorkSafe WA, and the WA Department of Health.

The presentation will  discuss the wide use of solvents are widely used in workplaces and often used in large quantities; used for dry-cleaning, in paints and varnishes, pharmaceuticals, degreasers, adhesives, glues, printing inks, pesticides, cosmetics, and household cleaning products.

The volatility and lipophilicity of organic solvents constitute their toxicokinetic features. At IDLH levels solvents are likely to cause unconsciousness and even death.  Even at low levels solvents may cause acute irritative and neurotoxic effects, though the long term (chronic) effects and target organs differ for different solvents.

This presentation will discuss the exposure, absorption, metabolism, and toxic effects of solvents.

Posted on 12/09/2022

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