Webinar Recording – Lithium Batteries, Occupational Health and Hygiene Update – Friday 9th June 2023

Presenter(s): SPEAKERS: Dr Paul Mc Lucas, Medical Officer, Fire Rescue Victoria. Paul has been a medical practitioner since 2016, with a range of hospital base appointments, including Emergency and Rehabilitation Medicine. Paul has served concurrently as an operational firefighter across 3 fire services since 1996, recently combining his medical and firefighting passions commencing as a medical officer with Fire Rescue Victoria in May 2022. Craig Tonks (MAIOH), Lead Health & Hygiene, Fire Rescue Victoria. Craig has 15 years' experience as a Scientific Advisor for Hazmat emergency response with the Victorian Fire Services. Craig was recently appointed as Lead Health & Hygiene at Fire Rescue Victoria in September 2022. He has assisted in developing smoke and carbon monoxide exposure protocols during the Hazelwood Mine Fire 2014 and East Gippsland bushfires in 2020. Craig has also worked for WorkSafe NSW Chemical Analysis Branch & Occupational Medicine Unit developing biological screening for pesticides & herbicides, NSW Police Forensic Services Group and Occupational Hygienist in the mining industry. Craig leads a team of Occupational Hygienists, working in conjunction with the Chief Medical Officer, to work with Operational staff and improve the control measures FRV has to mitigate exposures to Smoke, Chemical, Physical and Biological hazards.

Posted on 15/06/2023

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