The Filter Magazine (May 2023)


The second edition of The Filter for 2023

A jam packed edition of the Filter, with a lot more content and some special mentions included in this quarters edition.

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Breathing below ground: respirable crystalline silica risk


This month Safety Solutions magazine editor Amy Steed spoke to Tracey Bence , AIOH President about going deeper on the topic of silica dust. Much deeper actually, underground.

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Wins for worker health protection this week


AIOH President Tracey Bence – Statement

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The Filter Magazine (February 2023)


The first edition of The Filter for 2023
With a new look and feel, our latest edition features our #AIOH2022 Conference, a presidential handover and welcome to our 2023 Council, celebration of new initiatives like the Emerging Hygienist Group and a brand new award!

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Our Position on Silicosis Prevention in Australia


The Australian Institute of Occupational Hygienists (AIOH) promotes healthy work environments for all Australian workers.

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Silicosis Prevention Article


Tracey Bence is a certified occupational hygienist, fellow and current president of the Australian Institute of Occupational Hygienists. Quarry reached out to her to learn more about silicosis and what the quarrying industry needs to know about this occupational lung disease.

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