• This week Council made an offer on an office suite in West Meadows, approximately 5 minutes from Melbourne Airport. Subject to legal Due Diligence and independent building inspection, we would hope to conclude the purchase in the next month.
  • Members will have noted that we launched our new website. Thanks to those who worked behind the scenes over the last month to test and review usability. Some additional functionality will be progressively added over the coming months.
  • Council is meeting in July to map out our Strategic Plan for 2018-2019. If there are specific issues that you feel the Council should consider for inclusion, please forward to me at President@aioh.org.au.
  • The Strategic Advisory Committee are currently working with our legal advisor regarding necessary changes to our Rules and Statement of Purposes. There are a number of significant non-compliances that we are working through and will be subject to a Special General Meeting later in the year.
  • Our 2018 Conference registrations opened last week and the early response has been beyond our expectations. Tickets to some of the social events are limited so if you do not book early you may miss out.
  • Finally, at the BOHS and AIHA tri-lateral meetings the revised (new) GAP program was discussed. Changes to privacy and communication laws in the US and Europe now requires members to “OPT IN” to receive the GAP benefits. Our understanding is that access to the AIHA programme will be free of charge, however the BOHS programme will include a fee for access to the Annals of Worker Health Protection.


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