2022 Improving demolition licensing in NSW


Our submission was made to the NSW Government and makes a number of recommendation for improving the demolition licensing in NSW.



There are many agents that demolition workers are exposed to that impact not only their health, but also the health of those in the immediate surroundings of a demolition worksite. These include hazardous materials (e.g. asbestos, lead paint), occupational noise, welding and cutting fume, diesel exhaust emissions, and dusts, specifically respirable crystalline silica.

The AIOH submission was made to the NSW Government to improving the demolition licensing in NSW. The AIOH notes that the review is primarily to bring the licensing in line with other high-risk activities established under the NSW WHS Act (2011) to protect workers and the community from risks arising from demolition activities.

The following priority recommendations by the AIOH are made in this submission:

  1. The AIOH recommends that a Health Control Plan is provided as a required document for obtaining a demolition license in NSW that addresses the implementation, maintenance and verification of controls which will effectively manage the risks to the health of their employees and sub-contractors
    during the period of time the license is valid.
  2.  The AIOH recommends that greater focus be placed towards education of workers and employers in high-risk industries to complement awareness-raising activities. The AIOH recommends that nationally accredited silica awareness courses e.g. 10830NAT – Course in Crystalline Silica Exposure Prevention1 should be mandatory for all construction trades and should be delivered as part of the general construction industry training.

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1 May 2022




AIOH External Affairs Committee