Hygiene that Works (2016)


Conference Proceedings of the 34th AIOH Annual Conference & Exhibition, Gold Coast, 3 – 7 December 2016.


The theme of this conference is ‘Hygiene That Works’. One of the critical pillars to building a better Australia is having healthy, efficient, productive workplaces. No other profession is better equipped to provide industry with practical solutions to control workplace health risk than occupational hygiene.

This conference aims to raise your awareness of and ability to use practical and innovative
approaches to control health risks at work. Note the emphasis here is on solutions. To make a difference our profession must provide advice and recommendations that reduce risk. This is the benchmark minimum standard for occupational hygiene.

This conference will illustrate successful case histories that show how occupational hygiene and health can deliver financial, social and environmental value. Conference presenters will share practical and cost effective solutions, and how to frame a successful business case for reducing workplace health risk. All of which you can take home, adapt, and apply in your own workplace.