Sulphuric Acid Mist & Occupational Health Issues (2016)


This paper was compiled to give guidance on the assessment, evaluation and control of occupational exposure to sulphuric acid mist, with an emphasis on recommending a health‐based occupational exposure limit (OEL). The current Safe Work Australia (SWA) workplace exposure standard (WES) and current international OELs are discussed and the possible health effects examined.



Key messages:

  • Sulphuric acid mist at high concentrations causes corrosion of the teeth and is irritating to the respiratory system, but long‐term low concentration exposure can also cause cancer of the larynx.
  • The AIOH believes that exposure may be adequately controlled by conventional means such as local exhaust ventilation and segregation of workers from areas of high concentration.
  • A standard to limit exposure to no more than 0.1 mg of sulphuric acid mist in each cubic metre of air is recommended for the measured inhalable fraction.

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July 2015


AIOH Exposure Standards Committee and authorised by AIOH Council.