Delegation Framework Policy


Australia Institute of Occupational Hygienists Inc. (AIOH) Incorporated Association Number: A0017462L ABN: 50 423 289 752 Adopted: May 2015 Last revised: October 2023 To be reviewed: October 2028

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Advertising Policy


Policy relating to the management of client advertising material disseminated to the membership in accordance with guidelines to protect the interest of the AIOH and its members  (policy: AIOH15.V8, Council approved:  April 2023, review: April 2023) replacing policy: AIOH15.V3, Council approved: 18/02/2016, review: 18/02/2021.

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Membership Guidelines


Details the requirements for both professional and general interest levels of membership to the AIOH (Council approved 2020, review 2025).

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Committees-Role, Operation & Terms of Reference


This document provides the Terms of Reference (ToR) for all Committees of the AIOH.(Council Approved 22/7/2022, review 13/5/2024)

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Awards – Procedure for Award Payments and Awardee Expenses Reimbursements


Procedure for Award Payments and Awardee Expenses Reimbursements associated with AIOH professional Development Awards. Council approved 2021.

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Award and Travel Conditions


Generic conditions relating to travel and representation associated with AIOH business are contained in the Council approved AIOH Travel Policy (Council approved: July 2020).

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Grievance & Disputes Resolution Policy & Procedures


This policy seeks to support the achievement of the fair, equitable and productive work environment for all by providing a transparent and consistent process for resolving grievances (policy: AIOH17.V2, Council approved: October 2020, review: 2024).

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Mentoring Information Package


Overview of the Mentoring Program (May 2018).

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Mentoring Policy


This policy applies to all Council and Committee members, Members, and AIOH staff who are involved in the mentoring program. All people referred to in the policy are required to comply with these practices (policy: POL_AIOH20_V1, Council approved: 14/6/2019, review: 14/4/2021).

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AIOH Logo use Policy


The Logo Use Policy has been implemented to offer guidance on the proper use of the AIOH Logo (policy: 201805011, Council approved: 11/5/2018, review: 11/5/2020).

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