Launch of New AIOH Special Interest Group: Infrastructure Construction

We are excited to announce the launch of a new Special Interest Group (SIG) under the AIOH: the AIOH Infrastructure Construction Special Interest Group (AIOHICSIG)! This new group aims to provide a dedicated platform for AIOH members to share and discuss occupational hygiene issues specifically relevant to the infrastructure construction sector.

About AIOHICSIG: The AIOH Infrastructure Construction Special Interest Group is tailored for professionals involved in various aspects of infrastructure construction, including:

  • Tunnelling
  • Rail construction
  • Road construction
  • Bridge construction
  • Underground station construction
  • Building demolition
  • Bulk earth moving
  • Vertical builds


  • Knowledge Sharing: Facilitating the exchange of information and best practices related to occupational hygiene in infrastructure construction.
  • Networking: Creating opportunities for members to connect and collaborate on common interests and challenges.
  • Professional Development: Offering resources and events that contribute to the professional growth of members working in or interested in this sector.

Who Can Join? AIOH members and non members who have a keen interest in this field are welcome to join the AIOHICSIG community. To join, simply email to express your interest and get involved.

Other AIOH Special Interest Groups: In addition to the new Infrastructure Construction SIG, AIOH hosts several other Special Interest Groups that cater to various domains within occupational hygiene with more to come:

  • Acoustics: Focuses on issues related to noise and sound management in the workplace.
  • Asbestos: Dedicated to the safe management and control of asbestos-related hazards.
  • Indoor Air Quality: Concentrates on the health implications and management of indoor air quality in different environments.

Joining these SIGs provides members with valuable resources, insights, and networking opportunities in their areas of interest. We encourage all AIOH members to explore and participate in these groups to enhance their knowledge and professional networks.

For more information on joining the AIOHICSIG or any other Special Interest Group, please visit the AIOH website or contact us directly.

We look forward to your participation and contribution to the AIOH Infrastructure Construction Special Interest Group! Together, we can advance the field of occupational hygiene and ensure safer, healthier work environments in the infrastructure construction industry.