Confirmed Phishing Attempt

We have identified a definite phishing threat targeting our members. Please see the image below for the fraudulent email that has been circulated.

Key Points to Note: 

  • The email is from a Gmail Account, AIOH correspondence will not come Gmail, Hotmail etc. 
  • Will request to buy Amazon gift cards, money transfer or assistance. AIOH do not ask for any funds without an AIOH issued invoice, AIOH do not requests gifts from members or affiliates.
  • The message includes an urgency to respond, which is a tactic to prompt quick action without proper scrutiny.

Action Required: 

  • Do Not Engage: Do not reply to such emails or attempt to contact the sender.
  • Report Immediately: Forward any suspicious emails to your IT security team.
  • Secure Your Information: Do not share personal or financial information via email, especially if prompted by unsolicited requests.

We are committed to your online safety. Please remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity.

** Email  example**

Warm regards,

the Team at AIOH