Paul Foley, Chief Inspector, WA Dept Mines, Industry Regulations and Safety

Presentation slides from his webinar, 24th June 2022, detailing the various aspects of  what is expected of a Health Management Plan as well as historic RCS exposures in the WA mining industry.

  • Prepare and Submit Health Management Plan (HMP) that includes
  • Description of the operation
  • Identification of “health” hazards at all stages of operation and the controls
  • Health Risk Assessment (HRA) – may include “investigative” sampling
  • Identify SEG’s
  • Determine verification of control effectiveness strategies eg inspection, test, sampling, audit, audiometry, biological monitoring, medical examination
  • Submit sampling plan based on expectation that sufficient samples collected to include top 20% with 95% confidence
  • Additional plans e.g. Fibrous mineral management plan, Noise control plan