We have made great progress in the establishment of the AIOH Foundation. The AIOH Foundation Ltd was officially registered with ASIC on 23 August 2016. Watch out for more exciting news about the AIOH Foundation and how you can contribute.

Council has been working to represent the profession and give the AIOH a stronger voice. In August we wrote to the WA Department of Mines and Petroleum regarding the release of ‘Mining Safety Bulletin 131 Management of Fibrous Minerals on Mining Operations.’ The AIOH had very serious concerns regarding the science underpinning recommendations in this bulletin. Following submissions by industry and the AIOH, Bulletin 131 has been temporarily withdrawn. The Institute will be invited to participate in a working group with industry representatives, regulators and other ‘experts’ to discuss the hazards of small mineral fibres.
Council would like to thank members who made us aware of this publication and assisted us to rapidly and effectively respond.

We encourage all members to keep the Institute informed on proposed changes to regulations, guidance notes and industry activities. Drop us an email or call a Councillor. An early ‘heads up’ helps us to keep abreastof changes, and advocate for regulatory change based on sound occupational hygiene principles.


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