The Yant Award is awarded by the AIHA (American Industrial Hygiene Association) recognising outstanding contributions in industrial hygiene or allied fields through academic research, teaching, professional practice, solving major Industrial Hygiene issues, and service to professional societies and/or international stature.
The award recipient must reside outside the United States. Awardee presents the Yant Memorial Lecture at AIHce. ​

Yant Award Recipients

The AIOH wishes to acknowledge and celebrate AIOH Members that have been recipients of the Yant Award.

Sincere and well deserved congratulations to the following AIOH Members:

2015 — Noel Tresider, CIH, COH

2009 — Alan Rogers, CIH, COH

2002 — Brian Davies, CIH, COH

1995 — Vladimir Vasak, PhD

1988 — Trevor Jones