Since reporting in the last Newsletter the Council has been very active, 21st January involved a Strategic Planning Day where decisions were made regarding the vision, strategy, and implementation of the major areas that Council will advance in 2015, followed the next day with a Council Meeting dealing with a range of business activities. Further Executive and Council meetings were held on 17th February, 4th and 5th March.

In addition the Risk Audit Finance and Quality (RAFQ) Committee met prior to every Council meeting, and our other 6 Committees and Working Parties
have carried out their duties admirably. Arising from these meetings Council is excited about the future for AIOH and the profession and are committed to deliver in 2015 continuing into 2016 and beyond, a strong foundation of sound governance, prudent financial management, continued focus on member services and professional development, and support for younger/less experienced members all of which is to be supported by our great administrative staff.

The four key focus areas identified for 2015 are:

1.Organisational and Business Development of the AIOH
2.Provision of Better Quality Member Services
3.Member Education and Professional Development
4.Consolidation and Rationalisation of National and International Activities and Relations


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